Business offers & quotations

Often we will receive requests if we can deliver our products in bulk. And yes we can deliver products in larger numbers. But, because we sell unique and exclusive products, it is wise to contact us first.

Business specials & promotional gifts

Creativity is our passion, and we love special requests. Are you looking for crazy or unique promotional gifts? Do you want something tailored for your business or do something special with one of our products? If we can do it, we’ll do it for you.


Because we sell many unique and exclusive products on Supracabra, we are often approached by enthusiastic journalists. Do you want more information, photo and video material or do you want to test something?

We'll find what you're looking for!

Supracabra is full of fun products for everyone but sometimes you really want something very specific. We receive crazy and special requests on a daily basis. If you have one, click here to contact us.

Don't know what to buy as a gift?

Sometimes you really don’t know what to buy for someone. We are happy to help you! Click here for the best gifts. Want help? Click here to contact us.

Don't want to choose?

You simply send us a message and we choose for you. For free. So you can blame us if your mother does not like her gift. You can also use this service for yourself if you want to be surprised (happens very often). Click here for the “YouChoose” service.

Shipment & delivery

We provide fast & cheap worldwide shipping with 3 clear & simple shipping options: HollandEU and Rest of the World. The shipping costs and time to deliver depend on your order and where you live on this marvellous planet. You will always get a Track & Trace code from us to follow your package online. Check all shipping info here.

Returns & warranty

We are happy to report that we have a very low percentage of returns and warranty cases. You may return any product within 30 days of receiving it without any reason whatsoever. Return it as we have shipped it and in the original packaging so that we can make somebody else happy. Warranty case? Please contact us here. We give a 2 year warranty plan for our products.

Payment options

We guarantee save payment. We have a lot of payment options available but if you have a special request we are all ears. Because in the end it all boils down to that you get our product and we get some of your money. So we don't care if your money reaches us by bank or strapped to a pigeon (lightweight dollar bills, no coins). And yes, we have had that request. Smart animals those pigeons. If you do, please be sweet to the bird and don't feed it too much before take-off. Cleaning windows can be quite expensive and difficult.

Supracabra | Fun your life

We love fun, unique and epic products. Every day we scour the earth to find the best. Our products are cooler than the other side of your pillow. We love what we sell, service is our passion and 50% of profits go to charity.