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We love fun, unique and epic products. Our products are cooler than the other side of your pillow. We love what we sell, service is our passion and 50% of profits go to charity.

Supracabra meaning:
The name Supracabra began as a nickname for the Toyota Supra TT Targa MKIV of the founder. When the idea originated to build a webshop with awesome products, this nickname became the official brandname. The name is quite meaningful if you analyze it.

Supra: Super, above, beyond the limits of, higher, special.
Cabra: When you literally translate “Estar como una cabra” from Spanish, it means: “to be like a goat”. That sounds quite strange but in Spanish this is a saying to describe someone or something extraordinary, unique or bizarre.

Supracabra: Superextraordinary. 


Supracabra guarantees:

Supracabra VinkProducts that will fun your life.
Supracabra VinkFree 30 days return & refund.
Supracabra VinkFast & cheap worldwide shipping.
Supracabra VinkFree gift wrapping service.
Supracabra VinkFun loyalty program: Suprafan.
Supracabra VinkCertified secured payment.
Supracabra VinkWe love what we sell.
Supracabra VinkService is our passion.
Supracabra Vink50% of profits go to charity.

El Supracabra

Here you will find the best pictures, video’s, fan stuff, info and more about the amazing Supracabra.

Every product has a story worth to be told

We put a lot of love and time in writing our product stories and making photo’s. We almost never see fun product descriptions on webshops and that annoys us. Nobody likes to read boring stuff. We believe that all product descriptions must be fun to read. We call our product descriptions product stories. Descriptions are boring, stories are fun.
We believe that if you sell something that you must sell it with passion. Because we love what we sell and we extensively test all our products, passionately writing comes naturally. That’s why all our product stories are fun to read and a lot of people have told us that. Some people even buy our products only because of the story. Someone even said: “I don’t need to see the product or the photo’s, I buy it because of your product story”.
We believe in product stories, not in product descriptions.

Every product line is tested 

Every product line we sell has been thoroughly tested. When we see a new epic product that we want to sell we first test a few for a few weeks to check if everything is working perfectly. If it’s perfect, we place the rest of the new products on Don’t worry, every product you buy is brand sparkling new.

Supracabra at your service

Service is our passion. We have designed our service as we wish to be treated ourselves: clear, sweet and honest.

Business info:

Supracabra is a registered brand name of RB Pro

RB Pro
Chamber of Commerce Netherlands registration number (KvK in Dutch): 57340633
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