Supracabra & Charity: 50/50 deal

We believe in making the world a better place and that companies have a responsibility to do so. Society gives something to us so we should give something back. That’s why we have the 50/50 deal. That means that 50% of our profits go to charity. It’s very simple: revenue – costs = profit. 50% of profits go to charity and 50% we invest to make our company better and enjoy an ice cream from time to time. We are very busy to create our own charity: Inspalife Charity. More info will come soon. Until that time we donate to another carefully selected charity, more on that below.

113 Suicide Prevention

I don’t know if you know but suicide is death cause number one under young adults in Holland and in many more places. That in itself is awful because someone dies who shouldn’t and the consequences are traumatising for the loved ones left behind. I, the owner of Supracabra, personally know how devastating suicide is, as someone left behind. One suicide influences so many lives, more than you can imagine. If you prevent just one suicide you save at least one life, prevent traumatised loved ones and lots of pain. This sounds very sad, and it is, but the beautiful thing about 113 Suicide Prevention is that they really help people and save lives. Some people even find joy back in their life. It is such a positive organisation. That’s why I believe in this charity. 

It is called “113 Zelfmoord Preventie”, or 113 Suicide Prevention in English, and is a really special Dutch Charity (I live in Holland). Their work is amazing and one of the most hard “jobs” in the world. You can call 24/7 when you have suicidal thoughts and trained volunteers are always ready to help you. Just imagine how hard it is if you have another human on the other side of the line who wants to kill themselves. These are hard conversations, even if you are trained. Sometimes these volunteers are literally their last hope. They have many more services to help people, the emergency phone and chat line is just one. Every country should have such an charity. These guys literally save lives, that’s why I believe in this charity.

113 Zelfmoord Preventie is the national organisation for the prevention of suicide. Their mission is to create a country in which nobody dies lonely and desperate because of suicide. They are convinced that hundreds of suicides can be prevented every year by helping people and organising better healthcare. 

Read more on their website (Dutch). If you can’t read Dutch and/or you want to know more about this charity please contact us.