Toyota Supra specs: A80 Targa Single Turbo V160

640 HP, 800 Nm, launch control, custom made 2 Step Exhaust System, one of a kind engine bay, Deep Mirror Black Paint, Compact Chromed Rims and the upholstered alcantara headliner are just a few amazing specs of El Supracabra. I’ve build my dream super car. It’s beautiful, drives as a modern super car and it is a beast. It has been completely professionally rebuild by Toyota Supra specialist Jan van Ginkel & Marco Becking of Next Level Automotive. Supra’s are their passion and it shows in this Supra. I dreamed it, they build it. They know Supra’s by heart and are the best guys if you want anything done on your Supra or any other car.

Engine & under the hood

The engine has been completely rebuild. It has been taken apart, cleaned, revised, improved and build into a beautiful 2JZ-GTE, even better than when it rolled brand new out of the Toyota factory in Japan. The engine runs and looks brand sparkling new, it’s a joy to look at and listen to. Moreover, they gave a 100.000 kilometers warranty, even with this insane power. That says something. Their professionalism and attention to detail is insane, they even coated the engine in a black finish and polished the 2JZ badge on the side to make it look cool. You will never notice it when you pop the hood but now you know and it’s awesome.

Engine Build Specs


  • 2JZ-GTE Engine with 640 HP and 800 Nm, totally rebuild, revised and upgraded.
  • CP Forged Pistons.
  • Eagle H-Beam Forged Chromoly Steel Connecting Rods.
  • ACL Rod Bearings.
  • ARP Head Studs & Flywheel Bolts.
  • Custom made, Compact Chromed & Hand Polished Hollset HX40 Turbo.
  • Custom Made Protective Grill (painted in same colour as the car).
  • Custom made Power Filter.
  • Titan Fuel Rail.
  • Bosch 1000 cc Injectors.
  • Walbro 450 LPH Fuel Pump.
  • Japspeed Stainless Steel Turbo Manifold.
  • Turbosmart Hypergate 45mm Wastegate.
  • High Performance NGK Iridium Spark Plugs.
  • Mishimoto All Aluminium Racing Radiator.
  • Mishimoto High Performance Oil Cooler Kit.
  • Nuke Performance Oil Catch Tank with 100 micron Stainless Steel Filter.
  • Blitz 5 inch Intercooler with custom stainless steel intercooler pipes.
  • TiAL Q BOV Blow-Off Valve Chrome (50mm).
  • EMU Ecumaster Engine Management System with Bluetooth Module and digitally linked sensors: oil pressure, oil temperature, fuel pressure, turbo boost and many more. All values can be monitored on secure password linked mobile devices.
  • Tomei Fuel Pressure Regulator with digitally linked EMU sensor.
  • Japspeed Screamer Pipe.
  • Japspeed 3 inch Stainless Steel Down Pipe.
  • HKS Stainless Steel Racing Exhaust and Mid Pipe that sound amazing.

Engine revision specs

Cylinder head revision including:

  • Cylinder head and pistons are cleaned, measured and resurfaced.
  • Valves are measured, polished and adjusted to perfection.

Engine block revision:

  • Engine block is measured, cleaned and resurfaced.
  • Engine block is powder coated with a special black heat resistant and protective coating. The 2JZ badge is polished.
  • Every single part is cleaned, measured and checked.
  • Crank shaft is measured, cleaned and polished.
  • Cylinders are honed.
  • New OEM Water Pump.
  • New OEM Oil Pump.
  • New OEM Oil Filter.
  • New OEM Timing Belt.
  • New OEM Crankshaft Pulley.
  • Newly fitted OEM Wiring Harness, engine tubes and wires.
  • All new seals, gaskets, bearings, piston rings and oils.
  • OEM TRD chrome strutbar.
  • OEM TRD oil cap.

Compact Chromed:

  • Custom made Hollset HX40 Turbo.
  • OEM 2JZ-GTE valve covers.
  • OEM 2JZ-GTE turbo inlet manifold.

Custom Carbon Hydro Dipped:

  • OEM valve cover.
  • OEM fan cover.
  • OEM fuse box cover.

Engine bay

The engine bay is beautiful to look at and clean. The whole engine bay has been repainted with the same Deep Mirror Black paint as the car. The whole engine, all wires and other stuff was removed and put back in a cleaner and better way. It even has the OEM Hood Isolator under the hood, which you almost never see on a Supra after 25 years on the road.

It’s all about the details

The polished 2JZ badge on the side to make it look cool. If you want to see the complete build of the engine, click here.

Transmission, clutch, differential & suspension

  • Low millage OEM V160 Getrag 6 Speed Toyota Supra Gearbox which looks almost new.
  • Runs on brand new Royal Purple Synchromax High Performance V160 Transmission Fluid.
  • Single Plate Spec Clutch Stage 3+ Toyota Supra 6 speed.
  • OEM TRD Toyota Supra Big Diff B03B with shafts.
  • Tein Street Advance Z Coilover Kit, adjustable in height and hardness/ride comfort.


El Supracabra has been completely professionally painted with special paint called Deep Mirror Black (PPG Bentley Paint). It’s the same as the OEM paint but with a very, very deep and hard glass like topcoat, it’s almost bulletproof ;).

The whole Supra has been stripped and taken apart before painting. The chassis and al individual Supra exterior parts have been meticulously cleaned and sanded before applying the special black prime coat. We used a black primer to give paint job an extra deep finish.

After priming the Supra it was perfectly sanded again and painted with the special Deep Mirror Black paint. It received 5 deep layers and in between all layers tiny dust particles were accurately sanded away.

Finally the car was carefully sanded and the glass like topcoat/clear finish was applied 3 times. The whole painting process took many many hours, but the end result is epic. The Deep Mirror Black paint is so shiny and deep that you can literally see yourself in this paint as good as in your mirror. Just look at the pictures.



The exterior is OEM with some tasteful upgrades, it even has the scarce OEM rear side fenders.

Toyota Supra Euro Spec Facelift Headlights.

Rear lights
Unique OEM EU Spec headlights with a different and special light arrangement which makes the ass of the Supracabra look more fat, especially at night.

Front indicators: Toyota Supra Facelift Front Indicators with Facelift Indicator Wiring Loom.
Side indicators: Custom LED Indicators.

All logos are removed, this gives the Supracabra a smoother look. I only kept the rear logo and replaced it with a unique OEM chrome Toyota logo.


Rims, tires & brakes

My favourite rims ever: Work Gnosis rims which I have had professionally chromed. To be specific they are compact chromed, a process of a few weeks. This is a special process which makes the rims look like chrome but has a much more durable finish.

Work Gnosis GR205 19 inch with real screws. 5 x 114,3. Front: 9,5J ET10. Back: 10.5J ET10.

OEM EU Spec Big Brakes with engraved discs. The calipers are professionally repainted in awesome Racy Red.


  • OEM beige leather seats which are professionally treated with special leather conserving products.
  • OEM TRD speedometer.
  • OEM V160 gear knob.
  • OEM black carpet.
  • OEM Supra floor mats.
  • Custom upholstered Alcantara headliner with rare black control panel.

The audio is professionally installed with high grade cables and clips:

  • Pioneer radio.
  • Blaupunkt amplifier.
  • OEM front speakers with rear Pioneer speakers.


Custom Hydro Dipped interior parts:

  • The whole instrumental dashboard.
  • Driver column cover.
  • Gearbox cover.
  • Storage tray.
  • Blank button covers.
  • Ashtray.
  • Window control covers.
  • Door opener covers.
  • Doorsills.

Thanx for reading :)!

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