Sky Lantern (Wishing balloon)


Supracabra VinkCreate a beautiful air spectacle
Supracabra Vink100% Biodegradable
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Great to celebrate with, beautiful to remember with. Launching a wishing balloon is a happening in itself.

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Sky Lantern (Wishing balloon)

The Sky Lantern or wishing balloon is great for celebrating life and each other. You can use them on parties, weddings, romantic moments or just to see what it looks like. Because of the magical sight that a wishing balloon creates it is suitable for all events.

You can fun your life (make your life fun) with the smallest things.


Sky Lantern benefits:

Supracabra VinkCertified by the government.
Supracabra VinkMake your event memorable.
Supracabra VinkCreate a beautiful air spectacle.
Supracabra VinkFire resistant impregnated paper.
Supracabra VinkThe perfect gift for your loved ones.
Supracabra VinkEnvironmentally Friendly & 100% Biodegradable.
Supracabra VinkBuy more and enjoy a group of sky lanterns together. We will give discount when you buy more.

So surprise yourself or someone with this Sky Lantern, because it’s lovely.

Some sky lantern background

In Japan releasing sky lanterns, also known as wishing balloons, is very special. The Japanese believe that wishing balloons should be launched with a wish in mind. That’s where the name wishing balloon comes from. Launching a sky lantern is a happening in itself, especially when several sky lanterns are launched simultaneously or just after each other.

Sky lanterns are essentially miniature hot air balloons. The burner warms the air inside the sky lantern, which makes it rise and provides a beautiful air spectacle. When the flame in the wishing balloon goes out, the balloon will continue to float for a while and then slowly comes back to the ground.

The light weight material has been used for centuries because of its texture and strength. And the flame creates just the right amount of lift. Because the sky lanterns are light weight, they will rise easily into the night with a enchanting feeling, creating wonder among you and your party guests. The burner is firmly secured to bamboo struts so that it remains alight during its ascent.

A sky lantern is also called wishing balloon, mini hot air balloon, UFO ballon, lucky balloon or flying Chinese, Japanese or Thai lantern.


100% Biodegradable & certified by the government

Sky Lanterns are a green alternative to fireworks, the paper is 100% biodegradable and fire resistant. We think it is very important that we sell you a sound and safe product that is not harmful to you and our environment. Our Sky Lanterns also do not contain asbestos.

Our Sky Lanterns fully meet the requirements of the new Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (nVWA in Holland) with due consideration of the user and safety regulations. The Dutch Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management (VENW/IVW in Holland) and The Dutch Ministry of Defense allow this sky lantern to be launched because our Sky Lanterns also meet their regulations. Other sky lanterns that do not comply with these regulations may not be traded or used in the Netherlands.

A Sky Lantern is a fun and safe product but always read the user and safety regulations before use. You can find it under the Specs, shipping & guarantees tab.


Buy more & get a discount

Most people that buy sky lanterns buy more than one. We will give you a discount if you buy more:

Buy 10 for €6 each and save 14% or €10
Buy 25 for €5,50 each and save 21% or €37,50
Buy 50 for €5 each and save 28% or €100
Buy 100 for €4 each and save 43% or €300

If you want to buy more please click here to contact us.


Sky Lantern gift wrapping service

We gift wrap the Sky Lantern for free! Giving, getting and buying yourself gifts is fun, so all our products are always wrapped in fun gift paper. Do you have a special request? Let us know in the checkout comments. We love special requests and are happy to do something extra for you!

Thank you for reading our Sky Lantern story, we put a lot of love in writing it. We hope you will have as much fun with it as we do?.

Specs, shipping & guarantees



Before use: Read user and safety instructions.
Duration: About 8 minutes depending on the weather.
Colour: White.
Material: 100% biodegradable and fire resistant paper with bamboo struts.
Weight: 150 grams.
Dimensions: 50 cm (circumference) × 100 cm (height).


Sky lantern instructions:

Sky lanterns are fun and safe products but always read the user and safety regulations before use. They are exclusively intended for use by persons aged 18 and older. The user is at all times entirely responsible for the use of the wishing balloon and for any consequences thereof.
• Launch the sky lantern with 2 people.
• Wait 1,5 to 2 minutes between lighting and launching the sky lantern. This will ensure a safe and good flight.
• Follow the sky lantern for as long as possible so you can intervene that in case of danger.
Do not launch the sky lantern:
• Above a wind force of 2 Beaufort or more.
• When it is raining or in humid weather conditions such as fog.
• During periods of extreme drought.
• Only use outside.
• Within a distance of 15 kilometres from (gliding) airports.
• Close to large objects like buildings, trees and other objects. Hold a distance of minimal twice the height of the object.
• When an object is attached or the paper is damaged.
• At some places, for example beach or on the sea, a balloon can be mistaken for an emergency signal. Please take this into account.


Sky lantern user manual:

• Carefully remove the balloon from the packaging. Hold the sky lantern at the bamboo rings.
• Fold the 2 rings apart, making sure that the 3 connecting pieces are completely unfolded. The 2 rings should no longer be able to bend into each other.
• Carefully shake out the paper of the sky lantern until it has unfolded into a cylinder. Be careful not to tear or otherwise damage the paper.
• Only launch the sky lantern on the outside. Do this with at least 2 adults.
• While one person holds the sky lantern at the outer bamboo ring and keeps the paper away from the burner, the other person lights the burner.
• Wait until the burner is completely burning all around.
• Wait until the sky lantern has filled itself with warm air. Do this at least for 90 seconds.
• When you feel that the sky lantern is “pulling upwards” the point has arrived to release it.
Release the sky lantern and look at it for as long as possible so that you can fully enjoy the spectacle and respond immediately in case of danger.



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Supracabra guarantees:

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