Booze Hat The Wine Stopper


Supracabra VinkPreserves your wine & other liquors
Supracabra VinkUnique and detailed fun design
Supracabra VinkLimited product, gone = gone
Supracabra VinkFree 30 days return & refund
Supracabra VinkFun loyalty program: Suprafan
Supracabra Vink50% of profits go to charity

Your wine tastes better for a longer time and makes your bottle look fun and fruity too.

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Booze Hat The Wine Stopper

We all know that feeling. You want to have a glass of wine but not the whole bottle, at least the most of us. After a few days you think: shit, I have an openend bottle. You take the bottle, taste it and throw it out while screaming of the window because of the nasty acidic taste. Well maybe not the last part but you catch my drift. An opened bottle of wine can’t be kept for long because the wine oxidises quickly as a result of exposure to oxygen.

Booze Hat The Wine Stopper offers you the solution. With this ingenious wine stopper you can keep your opened bottle of wine for a longer time, so you don’t have to throw the wine away. It fits almost all bottles so you can also use it on for instance whisky bottles.

The wine stopper is made of flexible rubber and has a quadruple sealer that completely vacuum seals the bottle. It’s flexible so it can easily be placed. The unique fruit basket design makes your bottle look fun and fruity. The happy Booze Hat creates a smile on your face and on the faces of your guests. Your wine buddies will love it and certainly compliment you. The Booze Hat will become your best drinking buddy because it keeps your wine and other liquors tasting good for a longer time.

You can fun your life (make your life fun) with the smallest things.


Booze Hat The Wine Stopper benefits:

Supracabra VinkLimited product, gone = gone.
Supracabra VinkThe perfect gift for wine lovers.
Supracabra VinkYour wine loving guests will love it.
Supracabra VinkGreat conversation starter while you’re drinking.
Supracabra VinkUnique quadruple sealer that vacuum seals the bottle.
Supracabra VinkPreserves your wine and other liquors for a longer time.
Supracabra VinkVery detailed and unique design that makes your bottle look fun and fruity.

So surprise yourself or someone with the Booze Hat, because this wine stopper is Suprafun.


Unique limited wine stopper

Booze Hat The Wine Stopper is a limited product and is only sold here, you can not buy it anywhere else and when it is sold out it is gone. Sorry!


Booze Hat gift wrapping service

We gift wrap the Booze Hat for free! Giving, getting and buying yourself gifts is fun, so all our products are always wrapped in fun gift paper. Do you have a special request? Let us know in the checkout comments. We love special requests and are happy to do something extra for you!

Thank you for reading our Booze Hat The Wine Stopper story, we put a lot of love in writing it. We hope you will have as much fun with this wine stopper as we do?.

Specs, shipping & guarantees



Before use: Clean before use to remove any possible small material or dust from unpacking. The best and easiest way is just to clean it with warm water. It is also dishwasher proof.
Material: Flexible rubber.
Weight: 150 grams.
Dimensions: 8,5 cm (length) × 4,5 cm (Ø/diameter).



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Supracabra guarantees:

Supracabra VinkProducts that will fun your life.
Supracabra VinkFree 30 days return & refund.
Supracabra VinkFast & cheap worldwide shipping.
Supracabra VinkFree gift wrapping service.
Supracabra VinkFun loyalty program: Suprafan.
Supracabra VinkCertified secured payment.
Supracabra VinkWe love what we sell.
Supracabra VinkService is our passion.
Supracabra Vink50% of profits go to charity.
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