RBaze Epic Voice

Supracabra VinkGet your own movie voice over
Supracabra VinkPeople love it: read the reviews
Supracabra VinkSteal the show in an epic way
Supracabra VinkYou choose the lines
Supracabra VinkLong lines? Huge discount!
Supracabra VinkFun loyalty program: Suprafan
Supracabra Vink50% of profits go to charity

The RBaze Epic Voice is the most epic voice there is. There is no other, there’s only one.

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RBaze Epic Voice

Always wanted to have your own epic voice over on your own video’s or other stuff? Now you can. We have the RBaze Epic Voice for you at your disposal. Just listen to the video’s with the epic voice overs and you want to have your own. Ever wondered where those epic voice overs on movie trailers come from? We can do just that, for you. We can also do epic party invites on audio or video, MC on festivals/music, narrate stuff ans so much more. The possibilities are endless.

Because every voice over we create is different, the price depends on the length and maybe you have more special requests. That’s why we always have to have some contact before we can give a price. Just click on the “let’s talk” button above. You send us a message and we will contact you as soon as possible.

You can fun your life (make your life fun) with the smallest things.


Unique voice

There is no other, there’s only one RBaze Epic Voice.

Specs, shipping & guarantees


Supracabra guarantees:

Supracabra VinkProducts that will fun your life.
Supracabra VinkFree 30 days return & refund.
Supracabra VinkFast & cheap worldwide shipping.
Supracabra VinkFree gift wrapping service.
Supracabra VinkFun loyalty program: Suprafan.
Supracabra VinkCertified secured payment.
Supracabra VinkWe love what we sell.
Supracabra VinkService is our passion.
Supracabra Vink50% of profits go to charity.
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